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Jon Connelly

Veteran Trader

Bo is an extremely hard working guy, with some of the best and most creative indicators out there. Constantly tweaking and improving, Megalodon is an investment which will pay off very quickly

Grey Jabesi

Cryptocurrency Trader

I use Megalodon indicators to find investment ideas. I have found success with Megalodon specifically on Bitcoin trading. It really changed the entire trading game for me thanks to Bo.

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"Megalodon has been the best indicator i have ever used. It is profitable in crypto, forex and stocks. It is absolutely fantastic."


About our Founder

Bo is the Founder of Megalodon indicators available on He has been programming since the age of 13 and trading in Forex, Stock and Cryptocurrency markets for over 3 years.

He managed 7 figure portfolios and created High Frequency Trading Algorithms in cryptocurrency, stock, and forex markets. 



We believe that our products will help you start finding those profitable investments. We trust our products so much that we are almost sure that you will find great success with us just like many others. That means that you literally have no risk attached to this investment that you are about to make and we guarantee you that!

Bugra Bo Sukas

President, Megalodon Trading

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