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Features of Megalodon

In your dashboard, you will be able to access 12 Step Intro to Trading video library, get automated buy and sell signals for crypto, stocks, forex assets, schedule a call and Automate Your Trading for over 100+ different assets on Binance and Bittrex via your API Keys.

  • Automate Your Trading

    Fill your API keys on your dashboard and start Automating your Trades on Bittrex or Binance for over 100 different pairs.

  • Learn to Trade and Invest

    Learn how to trade and invest in less than 10 hours with our 12 Step Intro to Trading Video library.

  • Receive Automated Signals

    Join our Telegram channels and start receiving buy and sell signals for over 200 different assets including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex and commodities.

  • Access #1 Indicators

    Access 33 indicators and backtesting indicators that we have came up with over the last 3 years available on TradingView.com.

“Almost ALL of our members love our products!”

Bo Sukas, Founder of Megalodon

"Since i started with Bo, I have done over $10,000 in profit which is just amazing to me. Because i never thought i would be good at trading at all."


Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer 

"I highly recommend to any that wants to get into trading."



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billed yearly

Access #1 Indicator on TradingView

12 Step Intro to Trading Course

Limited Signals for Crypto, Stocks, Forex

VIP Telegram Group


billed yearly

Access TOP 3 Indicators on Tradingview

Unlimited Signals for Crypto,Stocks,Forex

VIP Day Trader Signals for Crypto

Live Trading Sessions everyday

VIP Telegram Group

12 Step Intro to Trading Course

Automated Trader Access

billed yearly

Automated Cryptocurrency Trading on Binance and Bittrex for over 100 different assets. Funds are managed through API keys 24/7.

Get Notified on Telegram every trade that our bots are putting out with how much profits you have made!

Track your portfolio on your dashboard. 30% Profit sharing.

Your funds are safe and secure in your own exchange. The API keys don't allow the Bots to withdraw.

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