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  • Access to Educational Videos

  • Automated Trading Access for TOP 100 Cryptocurrencies on Binance via API keys

  • Megalodon Telegram signals for TOP 20 Cryptocurrency signals.

  • Megalodon Telegram signals for TOP 100 U.S. Stock market signals.

  • Megalodon Telegram signals for TOP 10 Forex pairs.

  • Megalodon Telegram signals for TOP 10 Commodity pairs.

  • Access VIP PRO+ group.

  • Pro+ Scalper Indicator, Pro+ Bollinger Scalper Indicator designed for shorter term trading (used in 1 min. timeframe turns green to buy, red to sell)

  • Pro+ Institutional Investor Indicator designed for longer term trading(used in daily time frame turns green to buy, red to sell)

  • Pro+ Longer Term Timer Indicator (used in Daily time frame) and Shorter Term Timer Indicator (used in 15 minute time frame) used for understanding trend reversals.

  • Pro+ Mosasaur Backtester Indicator to find profitable trading strategies by being able to combine 13 different indicators including (TD9, Fibonacci Retracement, Williams%R, MFI, OBV, RSI, MACD, Weis Wave, Squeeze Momentum, Bollinger Band, MA-EMA crosses.)

  • Pro+ Advance Data Calculator indicator to combine price, volume and indicator data from different brokers/exchanges. (helps us have a more accurate that so we can have a better picture of the price/volume/indicators.)


About Buğra

Founder of MegalodonTrading.com and Megalodon indicators. Since the age of 13, he has been programming. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Computer Science from University of New Mexico. 
With over 10 years of experience in programming and over 4 years of forex, crypto, commodity and stock trading experience, he has created consistently profitable investing plans with profitable trading algorithms, 


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Megalodon has been the best indicator i have ever used. It is profitable in crypto, forex and stocks. It is absolutely fantastic.

Ricardo Pearce

Information Security Analyst

The indicators are just amazing. I definetely recommend everybody to use it. This whole journey has been just amazing. I just want to thank Megalodon and Bo for all of his work and guidence.

Fanie Meyer



Last month, we have brought $4,554 profits on a $30,400 account. If you wish to see all the trades, let's schedule a demo.
Here are some of the results for longer term investing as well as shorter term trading with Megalodon indicators via TradingView.com
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