Save a Ton of Time Investing With the Right Tools?

Follow the proven algorithms and professional fund managers in your trading and investing.

Algorithms that have a profitability ratio over 76% on major cryptocurrency pairs.

The graph down below shows the profits starting from November 2020.

Profitable Algorithmic Signals

Discover how to scan good buying and selling opportunities without having to analyze thousands of different cryptocurrencies.

Safe and Reliable Automated Trader

How to finally have a profitable automated trader that helps you invest wisely!

Community of Successful Traders

Figure out how to consistently profit with accurate signals and the community of professional traders.

About Us

DeFi Signals was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to be successful in the market and able to trade and invest their money with the required information to do it profitably.




Well, we know what you have been through. You have probably been shilled coins that eventually pumped and dumped. You have bought into "courses" and "signals" that honestly, not only lose you money but put you behind in terms of your trading development.


We are fully transparent with our results, and provide the tools that the modern day investor needs.

Megalodon Plans

Investor package will help you start following profitable setups and offer you an edge to start making money trading. If you end up don't like it, we will refund 100% of your money after fees.


Designed for beginner

  • Access Scanner Portal (See Longer and Shorter Term Signals)

  • Private Telegram Group Access (Follow my ideas)


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most common questions.

How does the buy and sell algorithm work?

How often do we receive algorithm signals?

If you are making a lot of money with the bot, why are you trying to sell it?

DeFi signals is mainly based on honesty and morality. Our aim is to make all the small retail investors successfully gain a seat at the table and be able to trade profitably in a market that is heavily influenced by whales. Our fees are a small price to pay to gain the knowledge you need to be part of 3% of the market that are not losing money, and of course; creating top services like ours costs money.

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